Bob’s FAQs

Bob Mills Mitsubishi FAQs


Can you finance someone with no credit? 

-Absolutely! We would love to help you establish your credit history. 


What will my monthly payment be? 

-We are focused on working with our customers' budget. You will know your exact monthly payment once we help you find the vehicle that you love and get you approved!


Does Bob Mills Mitsubishi offer in house financing? 

-We partner with our sister company to offer in house financing as an option! 


What are the interest rates on your loans? 

-We partner with several lenders who will fight for your business by giving you the best rate possible based on your credit profile. 


Can I get approved online? 

-You can start the process online here!


Can I get approved if I have or am filing for a bankruptcy? 

-An active bankruptcy will not automatically exclude you from being able to purchase a vehicle. We have lenders who work with bankruptcies! In some cases, you'll have to get approval through your trustee.


What should I bring with me to purchase a vehicle?

-We recommend you bring the following: 

Valid drivers license OR ID. 

Proof of income (determined through a paystub, bank statements, and/or employer verification)

Proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)


Can I use my own bank or credit union for financing? 

Absolutely! In most cases, your lender will set guidelines for the vehicle you are financing. Let your Sales Professional know what your bank's criteria is, then we can find the perfect vehicle for you! If you don't have a preferred lender, you can start your approval online here.


Do you offer a warranty? 

We are proud to offer a 24 month, 24k mile warranty on our pre owned gasoline vehicles*, a 12 month 12k mile warranty on our diesel vehicles*, and a 20 year 20k mile warranty on our new Mitsubishis! 


How much money do I need as a down payment? 

Our vehicles don't have a set down payment, and you may qualify for little to no money down.  There are several factors that lenders look at to determine down payment. You can get started here


Can I get approved with bad credit? 

Yes! We specialize in less than perfect credit. 


Do you accept trade-ins? 

Yes! We have a professional buyer ready to help you.